Kind | Responsive | Timely | Honest | Trustworthy


Welcome to Reliable Bloggers. This site is owned and operated by MomVantage.

Our purpose here is to connect small business owners with reliable bloggers who will review, run giveaways, promote across their social media avenues and follow through on promises made.

Although social media influence and traffic stats can be helpful, that is not our primary concern. There are lots of high-traffic blogs and sites that do not respond to inquiries, answer questions, reply to submissions or engage with their readers.


I had such success with your Reliable Bloggers. I’ve been working with bloggers since my book came out. Some were great and some were less than responsive.

What’s different about Reliable Bloggers is their kindness, response time and reliability. I was beginning to think that working with a blogger meant that they would just blow you off if your business wasn’t something they wrote about. I was beginning to think that business etiquette had changed forever.  Reliable Bloggers email and let you know when they can’t work with you. Reliable Bloggers seems to be establishing a new online business model that includes human contact – how refreshing. Thank you for putting this group together! – Sharon Silver

We want to help business owners connect with people who do respond, reply, engage, show email courtesy and who value their readers and small business contacts.

We’ve highlighted what we believe to be five of the main characteristics of a Reliable Blogger:

Kind, Responsive, Timely, Honest and Trustworthy.

Are you one of those bloggers? If yes, we encourage you to apply for membership on this site. The process is not difficult. It doesn’t matter to us that you have attended blogging conferences or that you’ve snagged a product from a large Brand name. Those things don’t influence us.

Here’s what does matter to us: Kindness.

At Reliable Bloggers, we are most interested in bloggers who are kind, responsive, engaging, humble and loyal.